Construction of secondary network under ppov starting over 3.3 million euros started

The Mayor of Podgorica, Dr. Ivan Vukovic, with associates and representatives of contractors, today in Konik made official the beginning of the construction of the secondary sewerage network, which represents the continuity of activities on the project of collecting and treating wastewater of Podgorica, which the Capital is implementing with the Government and Montenegro.

Deputy Mayor Časlav Vešović expressed his belief that the citizens of Podgorica share the satisfaction of the administration of the Capital, due to the fact that Podgorica, despite numerous challenges, continues with dynamic development.

"Yesterday we started with the construction of the primary collector, today it is the case with the secondary network, tomorrow we will open a part of the boulevard between Podgorica and Tuzi. "Immediately after the holidays, we will create all the necessary preconditions to start the construction of Baku Street in MZ" Prvi maj ", Ulica 18. jula in Momišići, Miloja Pavlovića in Gornja Gorica and other roads as soon as possible," said Vešović, announcing that paving of streets will begin soon. in Stara Varoš, so that there will be practically no part in Podgorica where no significant investment will be realized.

Vesovic emphasized that the construction of the secondary network in the coming period will be best witnessed by the citizens of Konik, Zlatica, Maslin, Zagoric, because in those parts of Podgorica a secondary network will be installed in the length of almost 20 km and conditions will be created for about 1,500 households .

"The administration of the Capital and Water Supply and Sewerage has obligations related to the implementation of the remaining two segments of the wastewater treatment system, primarily to complete the procedure of negotiating and concluding a contract for the construction of a new bridge on Morača within the next few weeks. a part of the collector has been installed and we should use the low water level, to start the physical realization of that segment of the wastewater treatment system during the summer. "The most important thing and what I believe we will achieve in the next few weeks is to complete the procedures for announcing a pre-qualification public call for the plant itself, which will be of an international character and where we expect great interest from credible companies from Europe and the world," Vesovic concluded.

"Today we are witnessing the beginning of work on the construction of the secondary network, ie one very important segment for the future sustainability of the complete project of collecting and treating wastewater. Our plan is to build 18 kilometers of secondary network in the next 15-18 months ", pointed out the director of Water Supply and Sewerage, Filip Makrid. He reminded that the project is phased into northern and southern parts, so that the southern segment, in the total length of 9 kilometers, of which 5.7 km belongs to Konik, is being realized by the company "Toškovići" d.o.o. and emphasized that it is very important that the contractors submitted dynamic plans for each road separately, and that in accordance with the rules of the profession, the works will be performed with quality.

"If the wastewater treatment system is one of the most important projects in the modern history of Podgorica, it is certain that the construction of a secondary sewerage network within the project in the local community Konik, one of the most important infrastructure projects when it comes to improving the quality of life in this part of town. , pointed out the president of the local community Konik Andrija Čadjenović.

He said that the construction of about 6 km of secondary sewerage network solves one of the most important life issues of citizens and expressed gratitude on behalf of the local community and citizens of Konik to the city administration, the mayor and his associates, who recognized the importance of solving this problem and included it among priorities.

"Apart from the realization of this project, Konik will be a large construction site this year," announced Čadjenović, adding that several sports fields will be built, a large number of roads will be asphalted and new public lighting will be installed, all in order to increase the quality of life of Konik citizens. is Cadjenovic.